Software Developer

Santa Clara, California
Software Developer

Company Description:

Infotech Spectrum, Inc. has openings for a Software Developer in Bloomington, IL.

Job Description:

• Works in SAFe Agile Methodology, participated in Daily-Standup meetings. Works in creating Spikes, POC’s and participated in research activities. Participats in PI planning, story grooming, created epics, User Stories and Tasks.
• Closely works with Business Analysts to analyze the requirements and providing the solutions. Involvs in designing User stories, tasks and features based on the architecture and Epic.
• Involves in Analyzing data, used several regression methods, and helps in making effective decisions based in facts.
• Works with Big Data technologies and functional programming to decrease the volume of data and increase the speed of data processing.
• Interacts with Hadoop datastore via HDFS and Hue. Involves in Fetching Data, Manipulating and storing back the data into Hadoop Cluster Via Gateway.
• Writs Unit test cases in Clojure. Writes experience in functional programming technologies like Clojure and Scala.
• Creates Spark Flambo API to integrate Hadoop ecosystem and Clojure. Creats Specs for Clojure development using Flambo API.
• Involves in Ingesting, Financial/Statistical calculations, enrichment and output modules of Financial and Statistical Reporting Analysis.
• Involves in developing several services using Object Oriented and functional programming concepts.
• Uses Git as a version control tool and also involved in monitoring the performance of the project. Works with Devops tools like Jenkins for the purpose of CI/CD Integrations.
• Involves in logging using “tools.logging” package that is available in Clojure. Involved in Dependency management using “leiningen”.
• Involves in ensuring Quality of the product by using several Automated Quality Analysis tools like Selenium.
• Works with VersionOne project Management tool to track the progress of the project. Works with OneNote for Information Management.
• Works with several ITSM and ITIL tools for Change, Risk, Service and Technology

Job Overview

Published On: 03/01/2018

Employment Type: Full Time

Job Code: Dev-001