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Software Consulting

In today's modern global business environment your dynamic processes require advanced technological solutions that solve contemporary challenges in a way that provides value added benefits to you, our valued client. Our comprehensive understanding of technology enables our team to offer you a broad range of consultative services. Our team makes sufficient time to research the complexities of your business process in order to fully understand your issues, develop an action plan and successfully integrate and execute your customized business plan developed to achieve your pre-established goals. We highly encourage you to participate and contribute during the developmental process to ensure your core concerns and ideas are realized and addressed accordingly. By utilizing highly analytical, structured, proprietary methodology, we analyze every aspect of your business process prior to offering you a comprehensive solution, providing you with solutions tailored to solving your unique organizational needs.

At Infotech Spectrum, we realize the complex demands of your organization's internal systems to include all current upgrades and the maintenance of your existing IT infrastructure, as well as the development and integration of new systems. Because of our exhaustive research protocols, we are able to fully understand your unique, individual business goals. By designing solutions based upon the opportunities we discover we have the ability to incorporate flexible, performance driven, scalable and measurable solutions based upon the information we uncover during our research process.

Technological Skills and Services Our Consultants Provide:

  • CRM
  • Application Development and Maintenance
  • EAI
  • Database Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • eBusiness Solutions
  • SCM
  • Data Warehousing
  • B2E
  • ERP
  • eCommerce Applications
  • Networking
  • Networking Software QA
  • System/Network Administration
  • Unix Applications
  • Windows Programming
  • B2B IT Solutions


Staffing Solutions

In regards to providing IT solutions, Infotech Spectrum' s global network of consultants consistently provide our clients with substantial growth in both productivity and profitability. Whether you intend to outsource all or part of your staffing needs, we at Infotech Spectrum can facilitate all of your organizational requirements by providing on-site or virtual staff to work in partnership with you. We have been staffing professional organizations by recruiting quality candidates since the early 90' s and are an ideal solution for clients who seek the most exceptional technical talent currently on the market. Our experience and reputation is well earned and assists us in attracting the finest professionals in their respective fields.

We focus on client growth in the areas of efficiency, productivity and profitability by providing only the most talented, self-driven and industry experienced professionals to our clients.

We Decrease Time to Market:
We are dedicated to providing only the most innovative and intelligent enterprise solutions at the lowest cost basis possible, keeping projects within their budgets and on time delivery. Through our extensive skill set and diverse project management experience, we focus on transferring our industry expertise into the hands of our clients all over the world.

We Reduce Business Risk:
Each member of our global team possesses the business acumen and technical aptitude to continuously maintain the level of performance that our valued customers expect from us. Our team members endeavor to analyze, collaborate, manage and educate to the best of their ability and to the great benefit of our client. Every facet of our consultative work is equally important to us and we aim to assist in every facet of your business even though your needs may not be technical. We strive to provide solutions that meet our rigorous quality assurance standards so that the project will be completed with the client' s utmost satisfaction.

We Achieve Results:
We possess over ten years of successfully guiding our client' s business to increased efficiency, competitiveness and profitability.

Professional Services:
We provide comprehensive IT consulting in the following areas:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Resource Management
  • Strategic Staff Augmentation
  • Business Solutions and Application Outsourcing

We provide in-depth implementation, development, integration, deployment and training services for:

  • ERP Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP/Oracle etc…)
  • CRM Customer Relationship Management (Siebel/PeopleSoft etc…)
  • Data Warehousing, Design and Administration (Oracle/Microsoft)
  • Client-Server Application Integration and Development
  • E-Commerce and Business to Business Integration and Development
  • Business Intelligence and Integration
  • Custom and Stand Alone Solutions

Our Process:

Analyzing your business processes from the conception phase assists us in determining the correct integrated solution that best fits your ever-changing business needs.

Strategic IT staff augmentation and collaboration brings invaluable expertise and vision to your business. Whether you are about to embark on a new initiative or simply need the right employee/consultant to compliment a project team, we have a vast professional network with the global resources brimming with talent to bring the appropriate professional to the client, as per your specific requirements.

Implementing the appropriate business solution has the potential to be costly and time consuming. Together we can select the best possible project consultant for your company to ensure all projects are implemented and deployed on time and within budget.

To ensure projects are completed on time and within the allotted budget, we penetrate your enterprise with the skills and knowledge transfer to successfully manage your solution indefinitely.


E-learning Solution

Infotech Spectrum can assist you in the evaluation of your staff in order to assess the need for further training and development. If you are not sure what additional training and professional development your people require, we will work with you tirelessly to ascertain your specific training needs and develop a comprehensive plan to satisfy your need for professional development.


Offshore Consulting

Our business model comprises both on-site and off-shore assets that when combined afford our clients the customized, low-risk cost-effective solutions in an increasingly competitive global business environment. Our strategic advantage is realized by our clients through our highly successful on-site and off-shore delivery model and its inherently superior capabilities. Our proprietary global delivery model is completely transparent, flexible, seamless and offers extraordinary time and financial benefits when developing software applications and support.

Our international team offers a balanced mix of on-shore and off-shore best-in-industry/class IT solutions based upon customer needs, objectives, preferences, resource requirements, project scope, schedule and coordination with the customer management team. Infotech Spectrum draws its strategic strength from its greatest resources: our creative and experienced team members, proven proprietary methodologies, exacting standards and effective processes. Our team members have extensive experience in customer relationship management, project management as well as technical management. Our highest priority is to successfully achieve the customer' s business goals within the allotted time-line and within the confined budget.


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