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About Infotech Spectrum

Infotech Spectrum Inc provides extensive completely incorporated imaginative IT options varying from IT speaking with services to sophisticated technology release as well as item development. We are an international solution company that focuses on providing dynamic software application solutions to a diverse array of business concerns worldwide. Since the  beginning, we have grasped the endless potential of infotech spectrum to guarantee our international companions have the ability to handle their time as well as organization a lot more efficiently.


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Rajiv Pendyala

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Mission & Value

“We at Infotech Spectrum endeavor to be your vested, strategic business partner working with you hand in hand, striving for your success by providing you with the most talented, knowledgeable and experienced professionals and solutions to satisfy all your IT staffing needs. Our goal is to complete your projects on time, within the allotted budget and to your complete satisfaction.”

Infotech Spectrum measures the success of a project based upon YOUR satisfaction with our delivery. We evaluate your organizational needs, establish predetermined goals and adhere to a strict timeline to deliver outstanding solutions to complex problems on time. We have a vested interest in your success because that is the way we measure our success.